Keep Tree

Share Private Videos with Anyone, Anytime on Any Device for FREE

Record, share, and save video memories with KeepTree.

  • Upload or record your videos on any device.
  • Share them now or later. Your videos can be automatically delivered on a certain date.
  • Organize your videos and save them forever.

Capture, save, and privately share videos with friends and family.

Share now or 100 years from now.

KeepTree has made it possible to not only document milestones in our lives, but to share them with long-distance family in the most personal way.” — Kat C.

  • Record

    Capture videos from your mobile device or the web.
  • Security

    Your video will never be lost or damaged.
  • FutureSend

    Send videos today or 30 years from today.
  • Privacy

    You control who can watch your videos.
  • Organization

    Easily organize your videos for sharing and viewing.
  • Special Events

    Send video birthday messages, holiday greetings & more.